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1 day

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PP Island's snorkeling Areas can be separated to be 2 Zones those can make two difference of the day trips to PP Island - Normal trip with crowd and Special Route Trip with small group.

In the special Route with a small group will be very high cost for setting the trip. However, JC Tour Phuket had set this package up is just for the "Real Islands Tour Lovers.

"High Valued Package for PP Island"

By the package of high valued small group can stop in the empty beach of Maya Bay (There are 3 beaches of Maya Bay) you can relax on the beach like a private Area.

Get full feeling of "The Sea", the high valued package can let you be on the beach as long as you need, no need any reason to be hurry.

Monkey Beach: the beach is very nice, but the full hope the tourist just need to see the Safari Monkeys-they come sometime, not every time. But by the high valued package can wait them.

There are so many beautiful point for snorkeling around PP Islands, The top valued package takes you to snorkel at the most beautiful point-Phak-Bea Beach Bay.

We serve the lunch on "Lam-Tong Beach" at the Beach Restaurant. It should be the best beach for relaxing after lunch of PP Island.

We stop to relax for swimming and snorkeling on the "Nature Sea Pool - Loh Samah Bay. But the valued package will chose the moment of Empty bay. Our group will feel like staying alone.

Mai-Phai or Bamboo Island is just one Island still has kept as the Nature-No beach chairs, no beach traders or any commercial people on the Island.

Yoong Island or Mosquito Island is the hidden beautiful place which the Snorkeling Trip start from PP Island only can take you here.

Nui Beach at Camel Rock, we guarantee to you that by our package only can take you to touch this hidden beach.

Private Speed Boat


  • Private Speed Boat
  • Private Land Transfer from and to Hotel
  • Private English Tour Guide
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Soft Drink (Unlimited)
  • Season Fruits (Unlimited)
  • Beer (1 Can/1 Person)
  • Full Set of Snorkeling Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Flexibility Time to Pick Up and Drop off any place

Minimum Booking 8 People

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