Mu Koh Hong 岛屿

08.00 - 18.00

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As one of the most striking rock formations, Hong Archipelago is a composition of 12 islets that vertically stretching from the North to the South of Krabi sea, near Phang Nga province. The islands are blessed by its shady silhouettes and Mother Nature’s charm, though they feature only a few reachable beaches and an overnight stay is not permitted. The highlight is a large lagoon embraced by surrounding mountains at the archipelago’s main island.

The best time to pay a visit is during November-April when you can try kayaking for sightseeing nearby attractions. The kayak route usually starts on the beach close to National Park Ranger Station (rental spot), then sail by the majestic limestone cliff and head to the lagoon at the opposite end of the island. The total trip can take up to 30 minutes to one hour.

Opening hours: Daily 8am-6pm

Contact:Bokkhorani National Park Tel. +66 7568 1096 Or TAT Krabi Office +66 7562 2163, +66 7561 2811-2, +66 7562 2164

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