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The 16th Osaka International Music Competition
The 16th Osaka International Music Competition(Nakhon Pathom)


July 4,2015 - July 5,2015

The 16th Osaka International Music Competition  Objectives of the Osaka International Music Competition: The spirit of this competition is to find a number of young artists from around the world and help them to c...

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TICF 2015
TICF 2015(Nakhon Pathom)


July 11,2015 - July 11,2015

The ongoing collaboration between TPO and the Thailand International Composer Festival has allowed many of the most interesting new works and exciting composers to be heard in by Thailand audiences. Spanish-American cond...

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Bohemian – Moravian Music Night
Bohemian – Moravian Music Night(Nakhon Pathom)


July 17,2015 - July 18,2015

“The symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything,” said Gustav Mahler.  And in his heartfelt Symphony No. 4, he reveals his world through the innocence of a child.  Gudni Emillson co...

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Mahler & Villa Lobos
Mahler & Villa Lobos(Nakhon Pathom)


July 24,2015 - July 25,2015

Guitar soloist Paul Cezarczyk returns to perform with TPO on Villa Lobos’ Guitar Concerto. TPO and conductor Alfonso Scarano then performs Mahler’s Symphony No. 5. Concerts:  24 July 2015 / 7.00 p.m. &...

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Leningrad Symphony
Leningrad Symphony(Nakhon Pathom)


August 7,2015 - August 8,2015

Shostakovich wrote his impassioned ‘Leningrad’ Symphony during the gruelling 900-day Nazi siege of the city during World War II, and the symphony’s thrillingly dramatic music for a spectacularly huge or...

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Thai Talents
Thai Talents(Nakhon Pathom)


August 14,2015 - August 15,2015

Young Thai piano soloist Kanchanok Pongpairoj continually impresses audiences with her sensitive and expression perforamances.  In this performance she joins Alfonso Scarano and TPO to present Maurice Ravel’s ...

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Sacre du Printemps
Sacre du Printemps(Nakhon Pathom)


August 21,2015 - August 22,2015

Few works have created so much stir as Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring (Sacre du Printemps). Scarano leads TPO in their premier performance of this mighty work. Concerts:  21 August 2015 / 7.00 p.m. (Pre-Con...

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Maestro Stravinsky
Maestro Stravinsky(Nakhon Pathom)


September 4,2015 - September 5,2015

Revel in the sounds of Russian folk tunes with Stravinsky’s astonishingly inventive work, Petrouchka, about a melancholy puppet that springs to life and yearns for love. Concerts:  4 September 2015 / 7.00 p....

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Beethoven´s 7th Symphony
Beethoven´s 7th Symphony(Nakhon Pathom)


September 11,2015 - September 12,2015

Luisa Sello, flute virtuosa, plays works by Saint Saens and Chaminade, paired with Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. Beethoven thought his Seventh Symphony one of his finest works; the musicians who performed its premiere ...

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TPO 10th Anniversary Concert
TPO 10th Anniversary Concert(Nakhon Pathom)


September 18,2015 - September 19,2015

TPO Chief Conductor Gudni Emillson leads TPO in a concert to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the orchestra and the close of another successful season of terrific music making. Concerts: 18 September 2015 / 7.00 p.m. ...

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